Frequently Asked

Q: I'm a professional classical musician and music teacher. Is this camp for me?

A: YES, absolutely! Players of all ages and abilities attend our camp.  Classes will grouped with players of similar backgrounds and skill level. We even offer elective classes specifically for advanced players and for players new to these styles and techniques.

Q: I've never done anything like this before. It's sound both really fun and really scary! Is this camp for me?

A: We've all been there at one time or another! Trying something out of your comfort zone can be a little scary sometimes. But as long as you can come to camp with an open mind we would absolutely love to have you! 

Q: Do you offer scholarships?

A: Yes! We are able to award scholarships to select families who express financial need. To apply for a scholarship fill out the form here and we'll get back to you in a few days. 

Q: My child is younger than 13, but I think this camp sounds perfect! Is this camp for my child?

A: Possibly. We are open to accepting advanced students under 13, but only with special permission. Please email us at  and we'd be happy to discuss whether or not this camp is a good fit for your child.

Q: I've only been playing for a year or two. Is this camp for me?

A: Maybe. We do expect you to know the notes on your instrument as well as be able to play in a few different keys. But if you've been practicing hard and are up for challenge we'd be happy to have you! If you're unsure, please email us at to discuss whether or not this camp is a good fit for you.

Q: I live outside of the St. Louis metro area. Is this camp for me?

A: Absolutely! Now that our camp has moved online, you can be anywhere with an internet connection!

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