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St. Louis  String Summit

The St. Louis String Collective is hosting its second annual St. Louis String Summit. The St. Louis String Summit is a camp for violin, viola, cello and bass players to explore many styles of music as well as contemporary playing techniques. Students will also be able to take classes in everything from regional fiddle styles to improvisation to the “chop” and much more!


The camp is for beginning, intermediate, advanced, and professional string players ages 13 through adult. Students will primarily be asked to learn by ear. 



The String Summit will take place Saturday July 25th and Sunday July 26th.


Online via Zoom.


A final jam and concert will be given by the faculty on Sunday July 26th at 7pm. It will take place for our participants on Zoom as well as streamed live on YouTube.


The enrollment fee is $75 and must be paid on or before July 24th.

Some classes

from past camps...

Intro to Music Theory - Chords and scales and progressions, oh my! We will discuss the math behind the music and learn how to apply this knowledge to your instrument.

How do I practice this stuff??? - You’re brain is probably full to bursting by now with new information, tunes and styles. So, where do you take it from here? We’ll discuss personal practice techniques that will help you continue to develop your craft.



Learn the “Chop” - This class will explore rhythmic accompaniment with the bow using the "chop" technique. Objectives include being able to produce an unpitched tone using the frog, combining unpitched and pitched strokes over a song form, and the origin of this bow technique.

Free Improv & Conduction - There are no wrong notes in this class! Get your creative juices flowing with free improvisation exercises, followed by a crash course in the art of Conduction.


Let’s Go Blues! - We will explore the mysterious blues form! We will discuss the basic 12 bar blues form, gain some context and insight into its rich history, and begin to explore the tools necessary for beginning improvisation.  

Old Time Fiddle Styles - This class will explore some of the different “self accompanying” styles used in ozark and Appalachian fiddling. We will look into using “shuffles,” drones, and perhaps even some alternate tunings! These methods can be used in a variety of ways to enhance ones playing.


Learn a Swedish tune - Come learn a fun folk tune from Sweden. In addition to learning the melody, we will explore second voices as well as different rhythmic and chordal ideas for accompaniment.

Cellos rule the world! - Why is the cello so awesome? We can cover melodies, harmonies, chords, and rhythms and sound great doing it. We will learn a simple tune and learn how to cover all the parts.

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